7th Day ★★★★★

Allen is a man torn between two worlds. One of normality where a guy gets a good job gets the girl of his dreams and they get married, the other is his hobby of sorts, murder…specifically of women. Though he wanted to kill a man once but he isn't attracted to them. Not that he needs to fuck corpses; after all he can get a girlfriend if he wants. Starting out as a whim as a 16 year old he has continued down this road. Why he does it he just does. There was no catalyst as he had a normal upbringing…but throughout this film in the standpoint of an interview with an imaginary reporter we find out differently.

7th Day (2012) is a journey down the path of a man becoming! Of reaching what we are lead to believe is a fork in the road of his life. To love life or destroy it!

Director Jason Hoch and writer Mark Leake create an experience in the life of a serial killer! Of what plays in his mind,and along with this the reality of it all. Very smartly done it is an experience: Just letting yourself go and getting dragged into it is the best way to view their movie. On further viewings there is more to experience and things become clearer. Obviously these are guys who did their research.

Mark Sanders who plays Allen does a brilliant job. Seemingly a harmless though creepy guy there is obviously a lot more to him that others miss. Eyes of a hunter yet at the same time rather shy towards women. One tries to converse with him and he pisses himself. A loner who convinces himself he needs to be, yet he tries to reach out as well. He is someone who is very sick who lives in a sty and experiences things most rational people would be deeply sickened by; from fucking his victims' corpses to cooking up and experiencing the taste of human flesh. He rationalises it all though not enjoying the experience but the concept behind it. Of seeing what people are made of and being sickened by a lot of what he sees, comparing it with the gunk at the bottom of the kitchen sink pipe.

A movie about the thoughts and murderous antics of a serial killer naturally has killing in it. Be it dealing it out or just thinking about it we have vivid visions of blood and very effective gore. This can very well be a classic in its own way on this alone down the track.

Very well thought out and no weak points come to main regards to 7th Day (2012)! The storyline is perfect, deeper we go the more we discover about Allen. His relationships around him create more dimension to his character and his actions., that what he sees is very different to what others experience when they are with him. Each person plays their role very well. In the end Jason Koch creates a movie everyone who enjoys the Serial Killer genre, and just plain horror fans should enjoy. Everyone should obtain and experience this well-crafted movie!

- Splat

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