Skyfall ★★★★½

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I grew up watching Bond movies, I grew up knowing they were silly but still enjoying them. 'My' Bond was Connery. Moore was a plank, Dalton was a lettuce, Brosnan was murdered by bad screenplays. Then came Daniel Craig and a refreshing reminder that Bond could still be relevant.

I really enjoyed Casino Royale, and I quite enjoyed Quantum of Solace.

So I was looking forward to Skyfall. I'd been told by at least two people that it's a movie of two halves, and that you may love or hate it based on how the second half plays out. However, I hadn't had any of the elements of the film spoiled so I was going in unaware of what was to come.

How to review the movie without ruining it for anyone else? This is a movie of two parts, it's a movie which reflects on its own age, and the age of the characters being portrayed. It is self aware, and outside of the action set pieces has a much more reflective tone than anything which has gone before it. But it also a Bond movie, and it knows that it is a Bond movie, and so it delivers those elements that we come to expect, the chases, the villain, the doomed lovers.

The set pieces are excellent, the final two particularly so in my view. The pace is a little wobbly, but I wasn't overly put off by that. There is one massive conceit which is very frustrating, but once you accept it and move on, the story which follows, for me, was totally absorbing.

I loved the self reflection, I loved the full circle nature of the story presented here, and I think Craig's performance epitomises Bond, and brings home a solid 3-story reboot, planting him firmly at the top of the pile of Bond actors.

This is a Bond for the older generation, and a Bond for the new generation. Skyfall delivers everything a Bond movie should deliver, and only avoids a 5/5 because of the lever used in the middle to turn the story.

Thrilling, tense, entertaining, warm, touching, and exciting.

Excellent Mr Bond, truly excellent.