Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

This is the sequel to all sequels. The ultimate sequel.

What a sequel does is try to continue the story of whatever was before it, but nothing comes close in terms of sheer scope. Endgame is not just a film, it's an event. A milestone for cinematic storytelling. Something that can never be replicated, because it is the original.
It will still be held in high regards decades from now, that's something I'm sure of. Never before has there been a film that was a sequel to 21 individual stories. Twenty-one! Just think about this number. It is insane.

I always thought all films were leading up to Infinity War, but after seeing Endgame it is clear that even Infinity War was just an introduction. This is the epic conclusion everyone has been hoping for. It is thrilling, exciting, funny, heartfelt, gut-wrenching, ... I could probably go on with this list because this is all I ever wanted from a movie and more. My expectations were sky high going into this and somehow it managed to exceed them on every single level. Not just exceed them but shatter them.

I love comic books and I love Marvel. I like most of Marvels films but a lot of them have issues (insert Marvel-Formula trope here). But Endgame is perfect. It is a perfect film. And I don't say this lightly. I can't think of anything I could fault this movie for. Not for the acting, not for the effects, not for the music, not for the script, not for anything, really. I saw this yesterday and tried to collect my thoughts over the night and it still baffles me that something of this scale can and did work.

We all lived and breathed this journey with the characters and actors for the last ten years and the payoff had to be immense. And it is just that. Not only for the story, but for everything around it. For the whole film industry. What started as an experiment with a fun cameo by Sam Jackson at the end of Iron Man grew into this box office slaying behemoth that connected not only comic book fans all over the world, but young and old alike. People of color and minorities, people of different cultures, people that never even thought about comic books before.

Comic books used to be something just for nerds, but have evolved into modern pop culture. They're our fairy tales. Even more than that they're our myths and legends. In ancient times people believed in gods and demons, creatures, higher beings and stuff. And now we do the same with our fictional heroes. Though we now they're not real they feel real to us. They feel like part of our societies and our cultures. And that's an achievement that is in large parts a product of Marvel and its machine.

Everyone involved in this has made history. Wether you like it or not. This is a cinematic milestone that can never be repeated. I am grateful to have witnessed this and I'm so unimaginably happy that my favorite heroes got such a treatment... I am starting to cry tears of joy just thinking about all of it.

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