Tenet ★★★½

Christoper Nolan has a very specific relationship to time. He loves it, just not in its natural form. He likes to bend it to his will and see what happens. So he has already strechted it or made a man break its dimension entirely. Now he's turning it around playing it forward and back and both at the same time.

So Tenet is a complicated time bending heist movie. And that's amazing. It's meticulously crafted and very well executed. There are a lot of things I like here: the heist is great, Robert Pattinson is cool af (can't wait for The Batman), the concept is fantastic, some of the set pieces are really cool (the opening in the opera is very impressing) and the music twists and turns as much as the movie and plot.

However there's also a lot that does not work: the protagonist is rather one-dimensional and doesn't get any characterisation at all. Some conflicts that are introduced are not portrayed very good and therefore I didn't feel them at all. The bad guy is just your generic rich Russian stereotype. And some of the editing is just bad. For example there are some transitions here that made me think I blinked and missed something because they were just confusing.

This is a cool movie and yes, it does belong in cinemas not on phone screens, but its in the same league as Nolan's best and just feels like he got lost in his time reversal concept a bit too much and forgot that there should be some compelling characters.

If you are able to see this while staying safe by distancing and wearing masks then please do it. But please don't sacrifice your or other peoples safety just for a movie.

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