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  • Noriko's Dinner Table

    Noriko's Dinner Table


    toru tezuka has been in at least three movies i have watched recently, playing some sort of creep for like 5 minutes and then disappearing. he is not even listed as a part of the cast (on letterboxd) for the two of them... i love how that's his career somehow? do they just go "omg... this character is a creep, let's give toru tezuka a call"??? i say stop typecasting this poor man..... give him a break

  • The Rachel Divide

    The Rachel Divide

    this is a very interesting documentary even if you don't like her. i found her to be well-spoken and passionate about the causes she supports. however, there is that wall of "thinking she is black" or "identifying as black" that is impossible to tear down. she could be making a good point or having an intelligent conversation and that makes you think she would be able to understand how and why what she did hurts the community she is (seemingly)…

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  • Mustang


    it is so weird to me to see that people liked it so much. i think the director (despite being turkish) is as unfamiliar to turkish culture as her actors/actresses and the people who are praising the movie so high here are. this really comes off as orientalist in a way that really, really annoyed me. this is a movie that is trying to appeal to western audiences and it succeeds at that. weirdly, as a turkish woman who has…

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    dull movie with REALLY bland characters. slightly xenophobic/racist no matter what anyone says to try to argue with me on this. tell me they weren't drawn to each other because they are both white, equally boring and both whining about spending some time in a different country. boo-hoo i have to use chopsticks, the shower head was lower than i expected and i can only speak one language :(( help :((((

    put me in a 5-star hotel in tokyo like that and see if i complain once.