Ride or Die

Ride or Die

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

oh, i thought this was going to be good. such a letdown and a drag to get through.

this movie has a “lesbian” character saying “it must be nice for men. they can put something inside women. my fingers can’t fill you up” — or her claiming she “lost her virginity” at 29, only after having sex with a man and despite having a long term girlfriend before that even happened. not to mention that the plot revolves around her killing the husband of the woman she loves because he was abusive — but she hits her the moment she gets angry and demands sex. horrifying, really. 

easily one of the worst movies i have ever watched. hollow and so fucking gross. if anyone else is looking forward to watching this because they thought “yay!!! lesbian kiko mizuhara” just go and watch the newest seasons of the real housewives of beverly hills on netflix instead, season 4 is such an entertaining mess.

edit: it's strange to me that people chastise others for their "reactionary reviews" by posting unnecessarily aggressive and reactionary reviews themselves. i thought we were talking about this movie, how do you guys assume someone's taste in movies by looking at their rating for this mediocre ass movie? ngl some of you are acting as if we have just watched tarkovsky's stalker and people are being unfair with their ratings... 😬

i don't think the media i consume has to fit my standards and stay in my comfort zone for me to appreciate it. however, i have the right, as the viewer to voice out those opinions if i am annoyed at something.

if your rating of a movie is a result of your anger at other people's uncomfortable experiences watching it, i don't think you are being genuine in the way you are reviewing it either. if my 1/5 rating is solely based on the fact that the dialogue in this movie made me uncomfortable and the fact that it had nothing else to offer either visually or intellectually, so many of your ratings also seem to stem from the fact that you want to one up all these "fake woke" bxtches who are ruining the movie's average score. get off your high horses and stop getting angry at people for not liking a movie.

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