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This review may contain spoilers.

The film follows Sam (Karen Gillan), an assassin who finds herself teaming up with her estranged mother (Lena Headey) against other blood thirsty assassins when she protects a girl (Chloe Coleman) after a mission goes bad.

Although a bit by the numbers in places, this was a pretty entertaining hitman action film. The writing was decently paced for the most part and had some great humour. Sam's dynamic with her mother and the girl she saves is well captured and makes the conflict more compelling. One idea of the story that was also neat was the library of assassins (Played in the film by Carla Gugino, Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett) as it could have easily bogged the runtime up. It builds to a obvious but satisfying conclusion with a great choice of closing song.

Karen Gillan is well cast as Sam, playing the role with a lot of heart and sarcasm. Lena Headey and Chloe Coleman are also great her mother Scarlet and the girl she ends up protecting Emily respectively. Carla Gugino, Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett deliver fun performances as the sisterhood of assassins that aid Sam in her fight. Ralph Ineson, Michael Smiley and Paul Giamatti provide very good support.

The strong, vibrant neon visual style of the film really fits the tone the film is going for. Action is also superb with great use of long takes, especially the bowling lanes fight sequence.

Final thought: It's a fun mesh of loads of films.

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