Mirror ★★★★½

It's been a while so I decided to put on a Tarkovsky film. Mirror is his most personal work with a lot of scenes taken directly from his life. It is also considered his masterpiece and for that, I was very excited to see it.

Mirror follows a man on his deathbed as he reflects of moments in his life.

A thought-provoking deeply personal look at memory and life. The story is presented in a dreamlike manner, going through several memories that are joined in a non-linear narrative. This narrative is a bit hard going at first but as the film progresses enables the viewer to immerse themselves in the reflective aspect of the story. Characters are wonderfully explored, especially their relationships with each other seemingly echoing through time being an interesting concept.

The cast are fantastic with some playing more than one role. Georgy Rerberg's sublime cinematography conjures a feeling of nostalgia throughout the film. This nostalgia is some heavily laced with sadness, especially in the later scenes. Eduard Artemyev's gorgeous score fits perfectly with the tone of the film, ending on a brilliant and stirring piece that captures the final scene so well.

Final thought: A very moving film about reflection.

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