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This review may contain spoilers.

Christmaspalooza Day Nine and I'm re-watching this absolute gem of a film. This one always manages to watchable thanks to Hughes' excellent writing and the solid performances from Steven Martin and John Candy.

The film follows Neal (Steve Martin), a man desperately trying to get back home to his family for the holidays. As his luck continues to worsen, he stumbles across the overfriendly Dale (John Candy) and his patience really begins to get tested.

This is just one of those films that just remains a classic. The writing is brilliant with wonderful humour and a lovely message. Neal and Dale are also great characters. Their relationship is handled brings a lot of the humour in an odd couple sort of way but it is also very touching. There's a scene quite near the end where Neal realises that Dale has been hiding his reality from him and it's just very moving.

Martin and Candy delivers outstanding performances as Neal and Dale. Martin is very funny, especially in the many f-words scene, but also very relatable as a guy who just wants to get home to his family. Candy is excellent and very likeable as Dale. The scene where he tells Neal about his wife's death is very memorable.

Final thought: A real gem that has to be seen every Christmas.

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