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This review may contain spoilers.

Been looking forward to experiencing this for ages and finally it is out here in the UK. This review is gonna get a bit personal as I am HOH so I apologise in advance.

Reuben's (Riz Ahmed) life as a heavy metal drummer is shattered when he begins to experience massive hearing loss.

This is a very powerful and human drama about a man struggling to adjust to something beyond his control. The story, though slow, is brilliantly written and goes to some very heavy and emotional places. As someone who is hard of hearing (I have hearing aids), it gets so much right about hearing loss and explores the many sides to it in great detail. Reuben is a really compelling protagonist and his arc is thoughtfully written, especially with the way it concludes.

Riz Ahmed delivers an incredible performance as Reuben. The scene where he is asked to leave the community is a standard moment in the performance. Olivia Cooke is also fantastic as his girlfriend and bandmate Lou. Paul Raci is very strong in the role of Joe; the leader of the community Reuben turns to. Lauren Ridloff and Mathieu Amalric provide great support.

Stylistically, this film does an amazing job of showing Reuben's gradual hearing loss through its naturalistic cinematography and fantastic sound design.

Final thought: A brilliantly written drama with amazing performances.

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