The Invisible Man

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This review may contain spoilers.

TW: Domestic abuse theme and gaslighting throughout film.

After her abusive boyfriend's (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) apparent suicide for leaving him, Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) experiences several events that makes her suspect that he has found a way to stalk her without anyone seeing him.

From the tense opening sequence to the brilliant finale, this was clever storytelling in the horror genre. Although a bit slow towards the end, the story was simple and really compelling throughout. A few moments were also surprising and very shocking. It also touched on issues like domestic abuse, stalking and gaslighting in a multi-layered way. Cecilia is a fantastic protagonist and the way she uncovers the mystery is superb. Likewise, Adrian (Jackson-Cohen) is a great protagonist, smart and completely dangerous.

Moss delivers a fantastic performance as Cecilia. The scene where she talks to her sister in the restaurant is a standout scene just for how she holds the screen trying to talk to her sister. Jackson-Cohen delivers a very cold and menacing performance as Adrian. Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Harriet Dyer and Michael Dorman provide excellent support.

Leigh Whannell clearly understands horror and here he delivers some phenomenal horror sequences like the nail biting opening and the hospital breakout. He uses dead space so well to create such an uneasy feeling for a shot like Cecilia leaving the kitchen unattended.

Final thought: I couldn't pick a favourite film for last year because well last year was last year but this is probably it. A fantastic horror film with great performances.

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