The New Mutants

The New Mutants ★★½

I’ve been excited for this film ever since the first trailer dropped. Even with the constant delays and reshoots, I was still holding out hope that this could been a really cool film that meshed the superhero genre with the horror. 

The film follows a group of young people with special abilities stuck in a secret facility run by a mysterious organisation. 

This really cool premise but the execution was frustratingly poor and very predictable. The characters felt barely developed and the arcs they go through aren’t brilliantly handled. It’s overall tone was also strange. It leaned heavily into the horror aspect of the genre and the superhero part felt secondary which didn’t work for the story told. 

Despite the bad material, the cast all do great work. Blu Hunt is excellent as Dani, Anya Taylor-Joy deliver a a terrific performance as Illyana. Maisie Williams is on good form as Rahne. Charlie Heaton is decent as Sam and Henry Zaga is good as Roberto. Alice Braga delivers good support as Dr Reyes. 

The cinematography for the most part was pretty clever. There’s a lot of interesting horror imagery that is used well but the finale is very generic looking and a cgi mess. 

Final thought: Very, very disappointing.

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