Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★

I dug this a lot, actually - far more than I expected to. It's the most fanservicey of the new films and I'm unashamed to say I loved every instance of it. I would not have put "young Han Solo movie" high on the list of things I wanted to see from the anthology films, despite the nostalgia factor of having read "Han Solo At Star's End" by Brian Daley as a child.

But ultimately what matters is that whatever Lucasfilm chooses to make, that it's well done and meaningfully adds to the canon. This does. It's exciting that we'll soon be getting the first Star Wars film centered on a protagonist of color (Boba Fett is canonically Space Māori), a bummer though that the writer/director will be yet another white man.

So, alright, this was good, we're getting Boba Fett, and Ewan returning for the Obi-Wan movie will surely be great. What do I want to see next?

DOCTOR APHRA by Dee Rees, starring Cara Gee
AHSOKA by Patty Jenkins, starring Ashley Eckstein

Neither of which will happen so hopefully the series being produced by Rian Johnson and by Benioff & Weiss will bring in writers and directors who don't look like their producers.