Three Colors: Red

Three Colors: Red ★★★★★

“It feels like something important is happening around me… and it scares me.”

What a lovely, lovely trilogy. And yes, as many have said, they saved the best for last in the Trois couleurs trilogy. But I think that Red was able to pack as much of a punch as it does because of the fact that we had intimate, emotional journeys in Blue and White. In Blue, the journey begins with an intense tragedy, and it’s a long, personal journey for Julie to gain a sense of personal freedom. In Red, the main story ends with a tragedy… but in a way, it is a rebirth (I don’t really want to spoil it… but it’s wonderful).

Bravo to Krzysztof Kieślowski. What a wonderful send-off for him as he decided to call it a career after this trilogy. Knowing that, the main takeaways and messages from this movie are all the more powerful. 

“Leave. It's your destiny. You can't live your brother's life for him.”
“I love him. If only I could help.”
“You can. Be.”
“What do you mean?”
“That's all: be.”

This is a humble movie that simply asks us to engage. We can put a lot of good out into the world, and in turn, get a lot of good given back to us. In terms of the political ideals of the French Republic each film is supposed to represent: Blue represents liberty; White represents equality; and Red represents fraternity, and gosh, did Red do that so effectively. I’d say Red represented its ideal the strongest in the whole trilogy.

Through the beautifully-written characters of Valentine and The Judge (played just as beautifully by the sublime Irène Jacob and the commandeering Jean-Louis Trintignant), we witness the beginning of a meaningful relationship between two seemingly opposite people. A random series of events and coincidences initiate this relationship, and as a result, something powerful was born.

Which leads us to think of the amount of uncharted territories there are in our own lives, and if we decide to explore any of these areas, what would we find?

All three movies in this movie portray ideas of understanding in different ways. In the end, I think empathy expressed from one stranger to another can go a super long way. In some capacity, the random acts of kindness from a stranger in each film help our main protagonists with finding some form of self-actualization (or happiness). 

This movie makes you feel alive and believe in dreams, and that’s quite powerful. I really loved the journey of this entire trilogy, and can’t wait to explore and re-examine one day.

“Do your dreams come true?”
“It’s been years since I had a nice dream.”

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