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  • Fando and Lis

    Fando and Lis


    I had heard that Alejandro Jodorowsky makes some weird and confusing movies but I couldn’t possibly prepare myself for this.
    The movie is very experimental and none of it really made much sense to me, but it had a unique and confusing style and was overall very well made. It had scenes with nudity, violence and absurd stuff that I can’t even describe and the movie overall just felt like a crazy dream. 
    The actors did all kind of crazy…

  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale


    This is a great movie about a class of 42 teenage students, who are forced to play a game of battle royale, where the last person standing gets to live. It is obviously disturbing to watch teenagers basically being forced to kill each other, but it is an interesting and political subject, which also becomes more entertaining as it goes on.
    The movie had some good acting and every character was unique and resembled the different personalities you find in…

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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    Thomas Vinterberg movies ranked: boxd.it/byt4u

    We Danes like to drink and we are known to be one of the countries that consume the most alcohol per capita. 

    This movie “Druk (Another Round)” shows many sides of the Danish drinking culture and how it affects us. We see alcohol be the cause of fun and self confidence, while we also see it as addicting and hurtful. The alcohol affects all the characters differently and while the movie is a tribute to…

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    Bobby Seale: “He has a dream? Well now he has a fucking bullet in his head. Martin’s dead, Malcom’s dead, Medgar’s dead, Bobby’s dead, Jesus is dead. They tried it peacefully, we gonna try something else.”

    As a young non American with little interest in history and even less interest in American political history I had never heard about the Chicago 7 before watching this movie, but I can understand from other reviews that the events depicted in this movie…