Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

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This is known as a very confusing movie that also is hard to understand. At first i found it to be pretty straightforward but it wasnt really until the last third of the movie that i really began to be confused. 
I like when movies make you think and challenge your understanding, as the movie makes a bigger impact on you that way. I have read many theories online and i am beginning to get a better understanding and make my own theories. I still think the movie had too many storylines that went nowhere though (the cowboy and the diner for example) but that could of course be some clever symbolism that i dont understand.
The movie was a bit slow at times, which also made some scenes a bit boring and overall it ruined the movie’s pacing. 
The acting was good and the charachters were interesting even though i didnt understand the purpose of some of them.
David Lynch has a very special style, which is very visible in the movie and it almost feels like he is on drugs or something much of the time but it was still interesting and made room for some unique storytelling.

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