Rashomon ★★★★

Akira Kurosawa movies ranked: boxd.it/cOTI2

This is my first Akira Kurosawa movie and it is apparently also the movie that brought international attention to Asian cinema. 
The movie was interesting with a simple and easy to follow story, where we see the same rape and killing told by four different people, who saw or was involved in the violent encounter. It was an interesting narrative technique that helped characterize the characters based on the things they told in their stories. 
We saw the encounter four times and even though each story had differences they still also had many similarities, so few parts could feel a little repetitive. 
Something happened in the last 10 minutes that felt like it came out of nowhere, which was weird, but even though I didn’t agree with every narrative decision I thought it ended up having some great thematic relevance. 
I always find it hard to judge acting when I don’t understand the language, but judging by their expressions and stuff it seemed like it was pretty good. 
The movie had a nice style and some great shots, so I am excited to watch more of Akira Kurosawa’s movies and see if his style will evolve even more. The movie also didn’t have that much sword fighting even though it is called a samurai movie, so I am also excited to see if he will add more of that in his other movies.

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