Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★

This is an interesting movie and it brings focus on the deaf community, which is very important, while i also think it is kinda educational. 
The movie is an emotional story about a drummer losing his hearing and we follow him as he tries to come to terms with it.
I liked the story and what it did, but the pacing was very slow and there wasn’t really much happening. The movie had many quiet moments, which had a calming effect, but it slowed the movie down and I wish the story had more stuff going on, since the runtime didn’t feel justified.
The sound editing was great and I liked how the sound took us in and out of Ruben’s head throughout the movie. It was cool and gave a good picture of how it feels to lose your hearing, but in some scenes the noises became a bit too annoying. 
Riz Ahmed and Olivia Cooke gave some great performances, but I think we learned too little about their characters and we didn’t get much backstory or personifications. The supporting cast was great too and it was cool to see all the use of sign language. 
The movie had a good theme, but the message felt a bit weird. The movie basically shames our main character for wanting a hearing implant, which makes it sound like deafness is a gift from god, but it seems to be a struggle that I would think you should cure if you can. 
The movie didn’t really keep me engaged and it failed to deliver a proper message, but it is very well made and acted and it gives an interesting look at the deaf community, so it still had plenty of value.

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