Stalker ★★★½

This movie had an interesting story with a couple of science fiction elements, which along with a good amount of philosophical questions made for a unique exploration of the human psychology. The movie was still just way too slow and way too long for it to really work for me, as we mostly just followed three men walking around. Despite of the repetitive nature of the movie I still found many of the philosophical questions interesting and the three characters were very different, which also made it hard for them to get along and it was interesting to see them struggle to cooperate and get to the room. 

This is my 4th Andrei Tarkovsky movie and even though it is my favorite of his so far, i am still not a big fan of him to be honest. 
I am sure i got filtered but i just find his movies too long and boring, while they also don’t really have any huge emotional impact on me. 
His cinematography is great though and he is a fantastic filmmaker but he just doesn’t work for me and I probably won’t watch more of his movies in the near future, as they are very challenging and hard to get through.

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