The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

I am really beginning to love Yorgos Lanthimos’ movies. He just does a perfect job at creating his desired atmosphere with the use of light, sound and his unique style and camera techniques. I also really liked the fish-eye lens technique and i thought it worked surprisingly well in this movie. 
The acting is great and the charachters all have great moments. Their dialogue was good too and i enjoyed Yorgos Lanthimos’ unique humor, that most people probably wont understand. 
The story was interesting and had some entertaining drama between the three female leads, which kept the story going but they also each had enough personal sub plots to let us explore the other people around the castle. This also helped the movie get a better pacing than Lanthimos’ previous movies, while i also think the story was a bit easier to follow. The movie also had less symbolism than his previous movies, which is a shame but it didnt really fit this story anyways. 
I am not sure what i think about the ending and some of the other scenes but overall it is a fantastic movie, which i highly recommend.

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