The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★½

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The first movie was way better and i dont get the hype for this movie at all. It was longer, slower and simply just more boring than the first movie. 
This movie still had many good parts but it just felt way too long and it dragged a lot in the middle, which already made me a bit tired when the intermission started. 
I liked the idea of making it both a sequel and a prequel but it just didnt work for me. The story of the young Vito Corleone was not interesting at all and it didnt even add anything to the main story either, except maybe by working as a parallel to Michael and his flawed way of running the family. Robert De Niro did a great job in the role but the flashbacks just felt pointless, which really is a shame since it also took me out of the main story. 
The charachters were still great and well acted and we got to see new sides of the family and how they dealt with betrayal, while their empire slowly fell apart. The charachters all had great development and the story focused more on the big brother Fredo, who feels overlooked by the rest of the family. 
The story was also good but it still cant compare to the first movie. It felt like it tried to be bigger and more complicated but it just ended up losing it’s focus.

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