Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White ★★★★

Three Colors trilogy ranked:

While this wasn’t quite as good as “Three Colors: Blue”, it still is a strong movie with the same technical level of perfection. 
The story follows a Polish man named Karol, who lives with his French wife Dominique in France. She divorces him, which leaves him with nothing and he fails to win her back. This makes him want revenge against the woman he still loves and he eventually travels back to his homeland to gain success. 
I think the story was interesting but at times it was hard to see how it would all connect, since Karol’s ex wife didn’t play a big role in the story after he left France, but it all tied up nicely at the end. 
The movie had some masterful cinematography and the camera was perfectly placed in every shot. I think the white theme looked less beautiful than the blue color from the previous movie, while also not being as dominating, but it still gave the movie an interesting look. 
The movie also had some great acting. It is hard to judge Julie Delpy’s performance, since her role wasn’t that big, but she did a good job in all her scenes. The main character Karol was also very well played by Zbigniew Zamachowski, who I think looked like a Polish Dustin Hoffman at first, but after Karol became more successful he also started looking like Robert De Niro from one of his gangster movies. 
I have heard people call this the worst of the trilogy, so I am excited to see Red.

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