Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★★

Madison: You thought I was a zombie?

Columbus: Yeah. Of course, a zombie.

Madison: Oh, my God, no. I don’t even eat meat. I’m a vegetarian. Vegan, actually.

I liked this movie much more than the first one.
The characters were less annoying and we were introduced to a couple of new fun side characters, which along with some more zombie types helped expand the universe.
The story was pretty similar to the first movie but their goals made more sense and I think the movie had more fun moments.
The cast did a good job and I especially liked Zoey Deutch’s character Madison, since she somehow managed to make the cliche dumb blond girl character funny. 
There was also more zombie killing than in the first movie and I still thought it looked pretty good most of the time. 
The movie also had a great post-credit scene, which was hilarious.

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