Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider ★★★

It's a two hour action franchise origin movie, prepare for some lengthy parts doing the required work. The visuals are extremely close to the Square Enix games, so I could not help to compare it to the 2013 reboot. It even has a variety of scenes that felt very familiar, stuff with breaking boats and broken planes and a sudden transformation from normal to multi-killing bow and arrow assassin.
Action scenes are plenty and all fun to watch, it's just that if you are good at quick time events you might wonder what the hell she is doing sometimes. Even though the action bits are crazy the dialogues still feel a bit over the top most of the time for some reason. It was a while ago but I think the 2013 reboot had better pacing in the first two hours and you could likely skip the dialogues if they ever got too much to bear. Game designers also would not have spared Lara a color puzzle under time pressure, phew! I hope they make her go full on machine gun/grenade-stealth with the next one like in the later games, would be very entertaining.

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