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  • Claire's Camera

    Claire's Camera


    More movies should be hourlong delights like this one

  • Joker



    even my dad hated it!

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  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?

    Won't You Be My Neighbor?


    cheery at the expense of thoughtful media analysis. early on, one of the interviewees poses a question about whether mr. rogers actually made anyone kinder; in some respects, it's the film's central thesis. it remains largely unanswered. this is disappointing -- i wish the filmmakers had reckoned with the ways in which mr. roger's message of kindness/acceptance (an important one) fell short, or left some of its viewers behind. the scene where a former cast member recalls being told to…

  • Tokyo-Ga



    ok this was a viewing driven by procrastination coupled w/ the fact the movie was about to expire on mubi, but liked it much more than expected! it's not necessarily so enlightening about ozu (only two interviews, although they're both fairly in-depth), and the narrative feels disjointed, but it's a true pleasure to watch -- all these acid-hued, slow-moving shots of tokyo in the early '80s. my favorite is a 10-minute sequence showing how a small kitchen-like studio produces those…