Enola Holmes ★★★

Positives first:
Big points for the feminist undercurrent. High production value, consistent mood, and top notch costumes. I was expecting to pick apart MBB’s performance but she is on fire, her career has been quite a winning streak. 
Sam Claflin is alright, this role doesn’t do much in his favor. There’s one time where he raises his voice where I was like ‘o shit’. 

I only majorly take issue with two things. 

After Mr. Robot there was a spike in protagonists that broke the fourth wall. 
Now it seems like productions use any reason and no reason at all to have a character address the viewer (including narration). It’s superficially ‘different’ and quirky but it’s really just used to eliminate work for the storyteller. 
I guess in this case I can see how it contributes to the playful tone but I immediately had disdain for it. 

Number two: 
I’m disappointed with Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes. He is not troubled, not an addict, not a smart ass, he barely deduces anything on screen and when he does it’s pedestrian with no flair or sass which are both staples for Sherlock. Cavill is essentially used to draw a thirsty crowd.

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