Bedevilled ★★★★½

Gripping, brutal depiction of an insular island community off the coast of South Korea that makes the locals of Summerisle seem tame and welcoming.

It's hard going and not always a particularly pleasant watch but it's handled extraordinarily well. As a revenge thriller it's grim and bloody when it has to be, despite the obvious signposting of its ultimate destination pretty early on.

There are a few genuinely chilling moments of tension and the island setting is superbly creepy. Yeong-hie Seo gives a stunning performance as the victimised Kim Bok-nam. By playing it relatively small and never fully flipping out and playing overtly crazy, it gives her plight a real sense of psychological weight.

It takes a bit of a dive, in terms of pace and structure, in the last act and the end is less than satisfying but up until then its tone is close to perfect and the sense of frustration and build up before the bloodbath is intriguing.

Another modern South Korean thriller that delivers the goods.