The Amazing Spider-Man ★★★½

My de rigeuer review of the latest blockbuster, made up of instant reaction tweets:

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN does indeed look amazing. Nails his agility in a way that Raimi's films never could. They get that spot on.

The film also gets absolutely every emotional beat right. That said there's little light and shade and there are very few moments of humour.

While it adds a few innovations to his abilities (in terms of on-screen depictions) the scenes of superheroism are the least interesting.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone impress but the decision to use The Lizard as villain really lets it down. His evil scheme is overly familiar.

There's ludicrous silly science (in a film about a man with arachnid powers?) surrounding Lizard's genesis that sits awkwardly with the rest.

I enjoyed it but it feels hampered by committee in a way that Avengers and Nolan Batman films just don't. Needed a director with more clout.