I hope they make movies in heaven.

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  • Street Without End
  • What Time Is It There?
  • Good Bye, Till Tomorrow
  • Love Hotel

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  • Inland Empire

  • The Red and the White

  • Red Psalm

  • Electra, My Love

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  • Red Psalm

    Red Psalm

    A film that expresses dialectical progression in rhythmic on-screen movement where actors, like players on a stage, perform the bloody sagas of attempts at implementing communism within what seamlessly feels like the same open field; the amount of real-estate Jansco gets from his locations is staggering. The effect is hypnotic, even absurdist in the best way, echoing Brecht, the action blends tradition with Marxist elements and vice-versa, and the way the action is performed, often in song, dance, and monologue,…

  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter

    A cinematic theodicy where evil is rightfully not treated as a moral category, or as a matter of transgression, but as an aesthetic force mediated by power. I believe the film insists that true evil is not a pure category, that is, it is never completely isolated, rather evil looms, it hides. In this way evil is not pernicious ignorance nor is it a challenge to our souls, or our free will, or the influence of god, as the problem…

Popular reviews

  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    This is it I've finally found my film. We all need absolution. The greatest teenage love story of our generation. Proves what cinema can be how a director can do anything how a film can live any way it wants to, how it can embody any mood, any life, any song, there is no limiting the freedom of filmmaking like this. Love is the largest container it can hold everything.

  • Loft



    If this is supposed to be one of his weaker efforts I'm not buying it the way Kurosawa creates suspense out of nothing but spaces is truly remarkable and then there are moments of horror which seem oddly sentimental giving his style an element of contradiction, the ghosts in this film are scary but also express a sense of sadness one scare in particular when you watch a muddy body yearning for contact, so close to his body yet so…