Thou Wast Mild and Lovely

Thou Wast Mild and Lovely ★★★★

A farmers daughter story where we really get into the minds of the characters and their odd ball isolation where a farm hand experiences a freedom from body and mind through this rural circumstance of the farmers daughter. Where the isolation and eccentricities of the farmers rub off on you the freedom I referred to expressed through a connection to the animals that feeds into the animal of man and woman and otherwise dangerous or depraved actions lose their consequence and are in close proximity the only obligation is to the farm itself. The daughter waits for her lover perhaps it is the farm hand but it is also expressed through an orgasmic connection to the farm itself an animalistic connection. Through the land she is completely isolated and free the farm and her father in a lot of ways unfold as an extension of all she knows. I imagine that she sees Akin and the men who've come to the house before him in a sort of abstract a man with a wife and son who has now come to spend time on her farm and in her world. But also the firm reality of her actions and the fathers kicks in and the oddball psychosexual pay off of the farmers daughter story takes a few turns. There is a realistic human element but for the most part the story stays the same and still feels real even though the film remains grounded in the most common of fantasies. Decker lets the ordinary man in this story become complicated and draws from his experience the specific sexual nature alive in the farm and all of its nastiness.

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