Burial Ground

Burial Ground ★★★★

If Burial Ground was a hamburger, it would be one of those bar burgers you get that are cooked on a grill that hasn't been scraped or cleaned in 3 decades, where the bun is 3/4ths soaked through with fat and grease, and served in a piece of wax paper turned translucent from all the juices, sans napkins. You want niceties? Fuck you. Scoop it up with both hands, you animal. Gimme a big grin with your burger drippings all over your face, filth!

Burial Ground has minus-15% exposition. The scientist at the start who discovers something that causes the dead to rise almost makes the dead-rising-from-their-graves plot point more confusing. From there, it's a little bit of sex, a little bit of incest-and-mama's-boy subplot, and then oh lord, here come the walking dead.

The makeup isn't what you'd call impressive, but it's impressively visceral, all these masks with worms and maggots stuck to them, all these heads smashed open with rocks revealing some combination of rendering leftovers and strange-colored fluids, bags and vessels of nasty junk spraying everywhere. You love to see it.

I mostly liked this for the bonkers score, which takes the usual 1970s synth-zombi soundtracks and runs it through so much echo and delay, it sounds like a crazed psychedelic delirium, a mind completely in the throes of otherworldly insanity. It makes perfect sense that the Saxon Gregory label would release an LP of just the sound effects from this film -- wish I had bothered to order one before they became insane collector's items.

As a noise fan, this movie also feels like part of my heritage in that certain scenes or moments came up and I instantly recognized them from noise tape and LP covers. The more I look up classic noise tapes on discogs, the more likely I am to find still more Burial Ground imagery.

Recommended for the nights when you just want carnage and would rather not deal with a spunky anyone figuring anything out just in the nick of time. Did I mention that? Nobody wins here. No one even gets a temporary advantage. So sorry to spoil a movie from 1981 for you.

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