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  • Odds Against Tomorrow

    Odds Against Tomorrow

    "All Men Are Evil”

    Spoiler Free Synopsis: Corrupt ex-cop Burke tries to organise a heist while dealing with his racist accomplice Slater's problems with the third member of their team - Harry Belafonte.

    Earlier we had what is now traditionally taken as the beginning of the first classic noir cycle with Stranger on the Third Floor. Odds Against Tomorrow, Robert Wise's 1959 tale of a failed heist, is now almost as traditionally seen as pretty much the last film to…

  • Road House

    Road House


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Spoiler-Free Summary
    World-weary chanteuse Ida Lupino comes between 2 old friends - the genial Cornel Wilde and the unstable Richard Widmark.

    Road House is a tale of obsessive love – a rich, spoiled man used to bringing acts to town as his personal playthings during their season in the Road House hires a new singer who has so far rebuffed his advances. Widmark's Jefty seems superficially a nice, simple guy – but we watch the careful reactions of people around…

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  • Nameless Gangster

    Nameless Gangster


    Choi is solid, but the film itself is all over the place and barely bothers to join up the set-pieces.

  • Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim


    In a way I wonder if Pacific Rim started with someone obsessing over easily the dumbest bit of Independence Day until they conceived of a world where they could repeat the scene where it wouldn’t be nonsense. And there are a lot of nods to Independence Day in Pacific Rim, not least the speech that features in the trailer as Idris Elba goes all Henry V. A couple to Godzilla too, unsurprisingly given the subject matter. And the remake of…