I Kill Giants ★★★★½

All things that live in this world die. this is why you must find joy in the living, while the time is yours. and not fear the end. to deny this is to deny life. but ... to embrace it. can you embrace it? you are stronger than you think.

Word for word, shot for shot, scene for scene, this was just a faithful adaptation without a doubt! and i'm still crying while writing this! i absolutely adore the graphic novel and i read it when i was very young, but that comic stayed with me for a long time, because, i know, i felt that, the lost of a loved one, and seeing it now on the big screen (well, not exactly haha but thanks itunes) was even more powerful. but, i may say that i don't think this movie will pleasure mostly of the people, like, i complete understand that, but as a fan of the original source and for personal reasons, i loved it! this is the kind of movie that touches people in diffent ways emocionally.

*petition to Barbara Thorson and Conor O'Malley (A Monster Calls) to meet and be best friends*

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