The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

cinema that expands what it means to be uncertain!

there are some things we are not meant to see or hear from other people that they’ll end up sharing with someone else. the scene where eivind & julie sit on a bed blanketed with coats, enamored with each other for the first time only to be interrupted, sticks with me. they act like children that are caught doing something they’re not suppose to be doing, the rug pulled from beneath them. playful and giddy and in on the secret. those feelings cannot be replicated with whomever we choose. the reason those memories stick is because they’re singular. 

maybe we don’t change that much as people over time but just feel we do because others pull certain things out of us. each relationship is the sum of what is shared, and remembered, and forgotten. the things we cannot hold in our hands becomes documented elsewhere. maybe knowing we cannot hold it makes us consciously save it internally. we make sure to wet the seal and press on the edges so nothing escapes. and maybe when all else fails, what we’re scared we’ll forget, someone else will remember for us.

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