American Honey

American Honey ★★★★

- "Do You Have Any Dreams? "

Oh wow. I'm mad at myself for not watching it sooner. This movie is one of those first time watches I like to call "an experience". They feel so real and you ride along with the characters. No one to root for, full of unlikable and complicated characters, yet that's what make it so special. They feel real. They feel like real people. You can relate to them, they're not perfect or have it easy.
Sasha is a fucking talent and it sucks she hasn't been in much after this movie. She should've gotten more opportunities after and Shia, we all know he's a really good actor and he keeps proving it.
The movie reminded of a few things I've done with my friends while partying. The euphoria and joy you feel sometimes when you're young, wild and free, the struggle and the feeling that you want so much more but also feel stuck. Man, I love this movie. One of my favorites of the decade, that's how much I loved it.

PS: I loved the soundtrack. The use of We found love and American Honey was really cool.

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