Blindspotting ★★★★½

-So what's the next move?

Ahh I fucking loved this. This should be in awards contention instead of BlackKKlansman tbh. A raw, emotional and very realistic portrayal of the racial differences and struggles between POC and non POC.

Daveed Diggs and Casal's chemistry was so good to see as well and they are the main reason why this is as good as it is. Sadly this film has been overlooked in favor of other movies but this deserves everything. And old school drama with no gimmicks, no unnecessary comedy, just the right amount of everything and lowkey a musical? lol they rap a lot in the movie and somehow it works perfectly.

Watch it if you loved the hate u give but felt it was a bit too YA.. then this is your movie. This is like the more mature, grown up version but both just as good.

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