Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory ★★★★

- "Mamá… siento mucho no haber sido nunca el hijo que tú deseabas. Cuando decías, “¿A quién habrá salido este niño?”, no lo decías precisamente con orgullos. Y yo me daba cuenta. Simplemente por ser como soy. Lo siento mucho".

Dolor y Gloria (Pain and glory) is a beautifully shot movie and wonderfully acted. Avery subtle, intimate and personal movie. Its a semi auto biography with some of Almodovar's own personal experiences added to the movie and some fictional. Antonio Banderas gives one of his best performances ever and great supporting turns from Penelope Cruz and Asier Etxeandia. Art can heal and helps us move on. That's one of the many things I got from this movie. Banderas is coming for his first Oscar nomination with this one. It has to happen.

Another great foreign movie. Wow.. I guess this happens when US studios are too busy with franchises, remakes and super hero movies. Foreign language movies are still providing us great original movies at least. I beg you not to pass on movies because you don't wanna read subtitles. You're missing out on some of the best cinema.

Viva Almodovar!

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