Prospect ★★★

I really admire low budget sci fi movies. They don't have the funds to create other worlds with CGI like big budget studio movies so they rely on practical effects and the sets they build. This one uses a forest to create one of the many moons in space.
They also have to rely on their script, performances and atmosphere to keep our attention which is what makes them so different. Big budget movies are often "bad" because of that their main focus is the visuals, the CGI, etc neglecting the important parts of the movie. Prospect is a movie that cares about character development and makes you care about its characters as well. Been waiting for it since it was premiered @ SXSW 2018 and its finally out on VOD. Its kinda sad these kinda movies are straight to VOD. They have no chance against the 192383 super hero movies we get a year and people find them boring and "cheap" because they don't look like the usual sci fi movies.

Bonus points: Pedro Pascal is one of the leads and I always try to support movies with fellow latinos and POC leads as much as I can.

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