Moxie ★★★

"I'm sorry i usually add quotes to serious  reviews but since this screenplay was so corny and unmemorable i cannot for the life of me remember anything to quote, nothing stuck w me! :) I guess that's what happens when you get the writer from after to write a script about intersectional feminism and revolution"

kind of like a radio rebel ish romcom stuffed with shitty dialogue and clichéd characters and a HUGE problem of not exploring enough and just skimming through nearly two hours with the vaguest ideas of what it wants to be, felt more like a show that ended halfway thru the season.

but, i appreciate its intersectionality (trans women, black women, asian people, lesbians, etc) and girlbossery even though its all (sadly) seen thru a yt lens. this movie introduced a shitload of way more interesting characters yet it decided to go w the privileged yt girl going thru her feminist (and anti-racist) awakening. it doesn't ruin the movie tbh since she's a nice character but it does lessen the value. lucy wouldve been such an amazing lead + shes so pretty i could cry. I love women. 

plus it doesn't help that the creative team for a movie about diversity and inclusivity consists of 5 yt women and 2 yt men. kinda sounds like performative liberal activism to me if you literally do not practice what you preach. 

p.s i could go on for way more on how much this movie messes up horribly (stereotypes and cheap activism points, mostly) but i think true intersectional feminists should be able to point out all the masturbatory bullshit from actually watching the film. other than that, fun! watch! girlbosses and ph@6s!

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