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  • Black Swan
  • All About My Mother
  • Heathers
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  • Baro and Tagar

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  • Babylon



    First time watching a film on a theater in a foreign country. Great experience!

    Here’s a little story: the first date I had with Dani (my girlfriend) was going out to watch “La La Land” on a cinema. Almost exactly six years ago, January 22nd, 2017. Now we’re at São Paolo and since Damien Chazelle has another movie on the billboard it was very poetic timing —although if this had been our first date I doubt we’d have lasted.

    I’m super grateful Damien Chazelle once watched “Singin’ in the Rain” and decided it needed to be fucked up.

    Decent 8 🇺🇸

  • Avatar: The Way of Water

    Avatar: The Way of Water


    Lots of things to process. By the end of the first act I remembered myself age 14 going to the theater with my dad to watch the first one. Now I’m the one bringing my parents to the movies. Magical experience.

    This is my 100th going to the movie theater this year. I’m happy to inform cinema is alive and well.

    Light 7 🇺🇸

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  • Nostalgia



    March Around the World: 30/31 — Italy 🇮🇹 

    Parte intrigante y se va poniendo media fome.

    Light 6 🇮🇹 🇫🇷

  • Death of the Sound Man

    Death of the Sound Man


    March Around the World: 29/31 — Thailand 🇹🇭 

    Cómica introspección hacia el arte de ensamblar sonido.

    Strong 7 🇹🇭 🇲🇲

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  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix

    This is Serenity (2019) levels of quality.

    Oh boy, is this movie sad. Everyone seems like about to cry for the entire length time. No sign of life or happiness to be found in any character. They wanted to go dark, and they sucked out all of the fun in the process. Direction and writing is lifeless and messy.

    The third act has been famously reshooted because it seemed too much like other superhero movie (*cough* Captain Marvel *cough*). And…

  • The Mole Agent

    The Mole Agent


    Si tienes una madre todavía,
    da gracias al Señor que te ama tanto,
    que no todo mortal podría contar,
    dicha tan grande ni placer tan santo.

    Strong 8 🇨🇱