A Close Shave

A Close Shave ★★★★★

They just kept making them better, which is unthinkable. A Close Shave is the most mysterious and adventurous entry, and the one that takes the boldest choices. It is much better if seen without knowing anything about it, and as the plot thickens, so does the intrigue and excitement, and that is why it is my favorite. It even has a noir twist worthy of classic Hollywood that you cannot leave unnoticed. Surprises and action stunts cascade in an ocean of creativity and nonstop fun and even the plot twist seems like a homage to classic sci-fi B-movie tactics, which I received with a smile and open arms. The climax clearly served as a prototype for Chicken Run (2000), which was my first theatrical Aardman experience (time flies!).

Surprise after surprise with a jaw-dropping attention to detail, this is, hands down, my favorite of the bunch. Absolutely terrific.


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