Certified Copy

Certified Copy ★★★★

A relationship is something difficult to explore in films, given that it is already difficult enough to experience it. With a Linklater formula, but still with brief personal stamps regarding his love for the rural landscapes that gave him his origin, Kiarostami places two souls which drastically contrasting personalities create conflict.

Copie Conforme has an innovatory approach. We spend an entire day gathering clues about the characters' backgrounds, yet we are kept emotionally distant from them because Kiarostami's statement about the originality of art is transmitted through and reflected in human relationships. He is concerned with contemplating the present state of things while reflecting on a past which is kept intentionally unclear. In that way, we adopt James Miller's perspective, a man whose ideas about art, love and perception are as false as a copy. But wait! What is a copy? A copy is not a replica. A copy tries to be a replica. It sometimes succeeds, and it sometimes doesn't.

In that way, we are constantly original beings, because even though we had an "origin", such origin (cultural, geographical, psychological, even patriotic) is merely attached to personal subjectivity. We are renovated every infinitesimal fraction of time. So, is a person a copy of his past? Yes, and in that process, it is not original. Therefore, we are a living contradiction: we are original beings while being unoriginal copies of our past selves. We conclude that being original is also a matter of opinion and perspective, and therefore, originality does not exist (excuse my Aristotelian approach). The problem comes when we expect that the entire Universe should circle around our preconceived notions and agree with our statements.

My opinion is: God bless perception variety. Let's keep away as far as possible from an homogenous Aldous Huxley society. The true art of love, however, relies on killing a part of yourself, of your heart and soul, and giving it back to your couple so that he/she renews it, and both can become one. Otherwise, we will remain as arrogant reflections of our so-called "origins".


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