Crime Story ★★★★

Based on the real-life 1990 kidnapping of Chinese businessman Teddy Wang, Kirk Wong's meticulously crafted and ferociously brutal, R-rated police action/thriller is one breathtaking roller-coaster ride featuring the angriest, coldest and most serious facet of Jackie Chan's persona.

Gloriously reminiscent of John Woo's aesthetics, the blend between this hyperactive and intrepid style, the fast-paced attention to detail of future early Paul Greengrass and Jackie Chan's blood-pumping action directing is a match made in the cinematic "heaven" of Hong Kong's crime-infested slums. The technical execution is excellent, especially in the cinematography and editing departments, where the camera ranges from a Johnnie To perspective to the Woo side-scrolling stunts that Michael Bay would so much replicate in all directions and even Kalatozovian! Excellently written and convincingly performed, Crime Story is much more than the serious cousin of the Police Story franchise for the Japanese, but also a high-octane dedication for those that have lost their lives or have been victims of kidnapping all over Asia while honouring the lives of the cops that have been at the stakes.

Hence, this stops being only a derivative product and escalates levels in order to become a mandatory viewing for the genre and for the country's cinema.

Are you a fan of hardcore Asian action films? Does John Woo blow your mind? This film will as well. An unexpected, explosive surprise.


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