Fast Five

Fast Five ★★½

Well, my oh my... Justin Lin just broke the old Hollywood sequel law and created the best flick of the entire series!!!


Not really a great accomplishment considering that the entire series was garbage, eh?

How smart can Lin be if:

- he adds emotional punches to fool audiences that the film has actually some depth?
- he extends the average running time 10 minutes more to construct his own "Ocean Nine" ripoff?
- he recruits The Rock in a role that suits him and has more muscle mass than Vin Diesel?
- changes the whole street-racing idea and turns it into an entirely different film with an ambitious drug lord, Brazilian guns, a larger ensemble cast, drama, comedic relief, an endless Wachowski-wannabe action sequence....

Whoa! Too many things. That seems desperate. In my eyes, however, that also seems a sincere attempt to make something different. I am not entirely buying this whole shift, especially the dramatic subplots that remained underdeveloped and we do not care about, because they act as fillers. Ironically, I also missed my midnight street racing scenes, even if the previous flicks were trash.

But hey! He even had the guts to release a sequel! Will that be even better? Just because I was entertained, that is reason enough to give this a try.

"Congratulations", Mr. Lin.


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