Frankenhooker ★★★½

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There are many awesome reasons why this is the only Henenlotter film marketed by the hardcore distribution company Unearthed Films which I cannot begin to utter without spoiling a single surprise this comedic body-horror derivative has to offer, but this was way beyond my expectations and the final act stepped up my rating to a higher level. It has uneven moments but this is Frank going way beyond anything that his previous cinematic absurdities had prepared you for. This is not a homage to Mary Shelley. This is Henenlotter at his most exploitative and sexploitative parodying his roots of influence (including a James Lorinz trying to resemble Jeffrey Combs under the direction of Stuart Gordon) while homaging science-fiction horror of the Golden Age of Hollywood during the thirties and the macabre "scientific" twists to the genre during the fifties when B-movies acquired their own target market and shaped the appreciation of many generations, including the ones that repulsed the subgenre sixty years ago.

I just wished it didn't lose momentum and consistency constantly. It was constantly inconstant. Take the opening scene which seems to parody the portrayal of a stereotypical suburban family and then shifts to a sci-fi homage for then shifting to the low life of NYC and ending up with a terrific final act with boring bits in-between. However, when it got inventive, it blew your brains out! This guy's got ideas; he now needs the right parts to assemble a consistently entertaining flick (oh God, here come the puns again).

Props to Patty Mullen who did an utterly hilarious portrayal of the "female monster". I cannot imagine being her and saying those lines without having to ask for second takes because of laughing at her own lines... or because of the crew laughing!

69/100 (My final rating is not an intended pun)

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