Gummo ★★★★½

Korine always seems to carry a strong social commentary in his unconventional U.S. projects. Gummo is 100% purely expressionistic power through a constantly shifting mockumentary experimental tone directly addressing the decadent American suburban lifestyle under a social comment of consciously willing social stagnation over the lack of progress. It carries the cinematic techniques versatility of Todd Haynes with the Godard-esque multifaceted and multicultural nature of early Linklater but pouring the positivism down the drain and replacing it with a nihilistic collage of juxtaposed references to violence, abuse, incest and procrastination. It is an inescapable impressionistic exercise of aimless routine and mundanity subjugating all feelings of hope and progress featuring gallons of cats abuse.

Harmony Korine was 24 years old when he directed this "American" (better said U.S.) masterpiece. He is a genius.

The film's ending credits play Schuld Uns'ves Knoch'rigen Falt Pferds by the German Black/Doom Metal band Bethlehem, one of the greatest choices I have seen for closing a film after a character says "Jesus loves me because the Bible tells me so". I'm getting my pink bunny ears right now.


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