La Jetée

La Jetée ★★★★★

La Jette, French Post Apocalyptic film, is a totally scary and controversial social commentary.

The setting about a completely devastated world because of the effects over humanity of WWIII bring you the feeling that living there is a total desperate and quite hell, dying slowly.

The concept is totally awesome and original; the script is very intense, and the direction is almost perfect and so stylish.

A totally paralized character as a lonely survivor looking for time travel in order to find an empty existentialist state really brings you down to his isolated, desperate psychology, just as the still photographs and images about a world that was once and is about to be in another future give you a perspective about a totally frozen and weak Paris, and an empty soul of the main character's emotional and mental state as well.

This is among my Top 10 shorts, not because of being the base for Terry Gilliam's remake 12 Monkeys (1995), but because it uses a spellbinding camera work, and resulted to be one of the most intense, deep, moving and thought-provoking cinematographic achievements of ancient and modern eras. A brilliant masterpiece by Chris Marker.


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