Nostalgia ★★★★★

Past always screams for our return, because she is the mother that gave us an identity and a life perception. Life perception is all about coherence, and coherence demands a logic to exist. A logic, not THE logic. There is no such thing. What if that logic is gone? What if 1+1=1 despite our beliefs and inner struggle to conform to norms? A journey then begins, which main purpose is to shed some visible light over the tangible and intangible factors that puts the pieces back in their place.

The complexity in there, however, relies that there's an emotional variable added to the equation, an undeniably human "x" that has an unbearable power over our lives. It makes us to be dependent of what gave us an origin, either in the form of visions, tears of nostalghia, B&W and sepia-toned dreams and the physical construction of the fantasy places in which our hearts will always reside. What can we do against our fragile human nature, then? There is no other option than cautiously guarding that little flame which keeps us alive and hopeful.


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