Police Story

Police Story ★★★★★

A poem for Police Story:

Action submerges the humankind's senses
In fantastical extensions of our defenses
The true art of action relies in exploiting
Human's abilities up to a point of rejoicing

The comedy/action mix finds its rhyme
When the proper circumstances gathered by time
Explode in a sea of action and mayhem
Contrasted with a heart of slapstick placed in
The middle of false accusations and framings

The greatest action star born in Hong Kong
Orchestrates mayhem like it was a song
With bullets, kicks, punches and stunts galore
Excrement moonwalking and then so much more

Are you a woman? A man? Jackie's lens says
That your share of action will hit you there
Regardless of your gender, beliefs or your age
Even Lin and Cheung will be hit by some rage

Escalation brings us up to a point of mystery
To one of the best scenes in cinema history
With a tremendous destruction and hatred of glass
While Jackie with grand glorious talent kicks ass

Intended as a tribute to the police force
This gigantic masterpiece successfully scores
In showcasing Jackie's tremendous lunacy
While putting his life in danger crucially

All of the stuntment involved should be proud
Their stunts and their actions deserve a bow
This places the genre on a whole new level
Pumping the audience and all its blood vessels

Here's my ode to a piece of Hong Kong
And one of the best action films ever born
Thanks for teaching me that when I go to the mall
I should kick everybody against a glass wall

I applaud this monster with great enthusiasm
The ultimate action-oriented orgasm


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