Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★½

This was a pending project to be crossed off the list for the build-up of Infinity War. The two main problems are:

1) It is not an origin story, so it is even less interesting that every damn first feature-film representation of the characters that will participate in what is expected to be the greatest superhero showdown in movies ever.
2) It's the third reboot in fifteen years. Please spell me out the necessity of over-elaborating on a story with the inclusion of a forced villain and an unexploited Michael Keaton to justify his future inclusion to The Avengers team for more than two hours.

After the distraction of Andrew Garfield and his equally bad films, the memory of Maguire has been erased from the memories of expectators (not from mine, particularly because I loved Raimi's comic-book passion back in the 2000s with his splashes of brutality that Disney will never dare to portray again), and an average Holland had no burden over his shoulders. On the contrary, he had everything favoring him as this reboot belongs to a bigger franchise.

It was a filler project, and for that, I am punishing this. With time, this rating might even go lower.


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